5 RULES to style your tulle skirt

Lisa Sydorenko

Posted on May 15 2018

Let's start from the beginning. Congrats, you've just bought your first tulle skirt, searched some Instagram photos for inspiration, and now you're ready to wear it. But where to start? Don’t worry, we have some tips to help you rock that polished and sophisticated tutu skirt look!

We've heard from so many people that tulle skirts look gorgeous, and that they'd love to wear them, but they're for special occasions only, or – worse still – they have no idea how to wear them. This is sad, because today tulle is so much more than ballerina or wedding fabric. It can be as versatile as your jeans, with proper styling of course!

We personally wear tutu skirts at least a couple of times per week. No matter what the purpose of our day, we manage to style tulle to look casual, not over-the-top. The only occasion we don't wear tulle is for sports and fitness. We tried. Didn’t work. Tulle and gym are enemies. Lol.

So, long story short:

Rule 1. Even though your tulle skirt is a centrepiece, your shoes will create the mood you want. We suggest you consider your skirt a neutral basic, and concentrate on your shoes and top instead. The more casual the shoes are – like sneakers, converse, or uggs –  the more simple (but smart) your total look will be.


                                         Dressy VS Casual look. Same skirt.

Rule 2. Your tulle skirt should be the only “ballerina” garment in your outfit. This one is important. Unless you want to be a “ballerina in the city,” never ever pair your tulle skirt with other ballerina stuff, like bolero, body or ballet shoes. Hair bun doesn’t count.  Also be careful with wrap sweaters – they're sometimes used for ballerina warm-ups, but some are absolutely adorable and can be a great pair to the tulle skirt.


                         NO                                               YES


Rule 3. If you are shorter than 5’7” avoid tulle skirts that are far below the knees. We're not talking about maxi full length skirts, we are talking about skirts that have mid-calve length. These skirts are gorgeous and can create a really romantic look, but they can shorten your legs too. Oops.













Rule 4. Always have your “to go” setsSince tulle is something unusual for most of us, we prefer to have our fav pre-ready sets. The ones that we don't have to think about, we can just grab it, wear it, and go. These sets are neutral classics that are appropriate in almost all situations:

- Denim shirt + tulle skirt + sandals on the heel

- T-shirt + tulle skirt + sneakers

- Polka dots + tulle skirt + flats

- Leather jacket + tulle skirt + pumps

Rule 5. If you like it, wear it. It's that simple. Who decides what's right or wrong? Listen to your gut, girl, and don’t listen to anybody else. Your life, your rules.

Did our tips help you? Share your tulle skirt outfits with us at garderobe.toronto@gmail.com or in the comments below! The best ones will be featured on our Instagram page. We are always looking for inspiration!


Lisa & Yana


Photo credit: Yana Fisti, Along Abbey Road, Walk In Wonderland, Fake Leather, Pinterest (could not find original source).

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