A guide to the perfect tulle skirt

Lisa Sydorenko

Posted on May 16 2018

Our first tulle skirt wasn’t ideal. A couple of stitches here and there, too tight elastic band, not ideal length. But you know what? It was beautiful and puffy and extremely feminine. We knew we can sew a perfect one, it was just a matter of time and attempts.

With time we found that tulle fabric has many peculiarities. It is soft, delicate, but very tricky. And knowing these nuances can help you to choose your perfect tulle skirt.

1) Tulle fabric. Roughly speaking, there are two major types of tulle: stiff and soft. While stiff is absolutely not our story (classic ballet skirts are made from stiff tulle), the soft one can be different too though. We use only French extra soft wedding tulle. It has absolutely unique texture, airy, doesn’t scratch and flows seamlessly. It creates just perfect silhouette that compliments every body shape.


2) Length. Generally speaking, it depends on your personal preferences. You can play around with every length, but remember what kind of statement you want to communicate with your outfit. Mini tulle skirt is perfect for young girl with ideal legs, maxi tutu skirts are great for special occasions, like weddings, proms, etc. Most universal one is midi tulle skirt around 25” length. You can wear it everywhere and you will look fabulous. But always know your strong sides to show them off.



3) Number of layers vs Pleat (read puffiness). The pleat and number of layers are different for different tulle fabrics. In our Tulle in the city line we sew classic medium puffy skirts with 3 layers. They are redundant enough and can look casual with sneakers at the same time. The more glamorous and festive you want to look the more layers you need. Our practice shows that 3-5 is optimal.



4) Color. Oh well, this one is hard. We cannot advice you anything on that, because to be honest, we couldn't choose only one color and sew skirts in different colors for ourselves. But as a tip use general color palette when choosing tulle skirt as when you buy any other garment. Ivory, black, nude, gray fog and pink (yes, we consider pink as most basic neutral color) are all neutral colors that will match almost every shoes and tops. On the other hand, peach, blue, mint, lavender are very summery colors, and most likely you will not wear them during Fall and Winter seasons. Red, Vine, Marsala, Black are very rich colors that will be perfect for evenings or some special occasions.


5) Waist band: elastic vs firm. Each of them has it’s own pros and cons. We love both. Elastic will give you some flexibility, if you would like to eat additional dessert after dinner and firm atlas waist band is absolute gorgeous detail that will make your skirt even more luxurious.



6) Lining. Polyester or satin? Hate, hate, hate polyester. Should we even tell you why? We use and approve only natural: cotton, satin, or staple (don’t confuse it with office staple that clamps papers). And actually staple textiles is our favourite, because it has absolutely amazing structure of unique blend of cotton and viscose together. Love it!


Hope this short review helps and you will find your perfect skirt in the Garderobe Toronto.

And tell us how does your perfect tulle skirt look like? Color? Length? 


Lisa & Yana


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