Celebrities love tulle skirts!

Lisa Sydorenko

Posted on May 16 2018

Which particular skirt comes first to your mind when you hear tulle skirt? Probably the most iconic one was featured in the Sex and the City series. Remember when Carrie Bradshaw walked on the streets of New York and suddenly, the community bus drove by splashing water all over her glamorous look? Yeah, that skirt is one of our favourites!












One more iconic look from Carrie Bradshaw’s closet is the super puffy green tulle skirt that she wore for a date with Mr. Big. That tutu became viral and every time when we mention that we sew tutu skirts, everyone keeps saying: “Ah, yes, like that green one from the Sex in the City?” Haha, almost:)


Okay, but this post is not just about Sarah Jessica Parker. Today, we want to talk about other famous tulle outfits that inspire us and show how versatile tulle can be, as long as you use your imagination.

Rihanna. She is probably the biggest fan of the tulle, and especially tutu skirts. She has astonishing white midi tulle skirt that she rocks pretty often, combining it with saucy shoes and trendy tops.


Oh, and she has unique to die-for D&G multi-layered tutu skirt. Super girly, but she managed to rock it too!


Olivia Palermo. This girl has fashion in her blood, and that is why her looks are always so-so pretty and stylish. As much as we are in love with her personality, we admire her style. So it is not surprising that she incorporates tulle skirts in her looks so flawlessly.


Loren Conrad. Young and beautiful Conrad is another example of how incredibly stylish tulle skirt can be. This blue one, that she wore for a charity event, we think that she could wear the same look for almost every casual occasion. A date, girls night out, lunch with grandma, or even meeting with boyfriend’s parents for the first time! This look is so perfect and makes a “good girl” statement. Simply love it!












Zoey Deschanel. One more It-Girl. Which look do you like more: the evening pastel one or the casual black and white? We love both! And maybe, we don't have much occasions to wear the sparkle nude gown, but we absolutely imagine ourselves in the black tutu with classy cardi. And the best part, you can mix and match different colors for different purposes. Thanks Zoey for the inspiration!



Anna Kendrick. Simple, yet perfect. Looks like Anna changed her shorts for tulle skirt and came to the event right after the groceries shopping. But who cares, she looks great and knows that tutu skirt can be a saver when you need to look dressy and you don't have time for changing the whole outfit. Bravo Anna!












Olga Kurilenko. Should we even explain why do we love this outfit? Leather jacket, gorgeous floor length tulle skirt, and pumps. And the best part, that every girl can easily recreate this look. We say Yes! to maxi tulle skirts.












Jessica Alba. One more lover of maxi tutu skirts. And now you see how easily a maxi skirt can be incorporated in casual daily look. So don't think that maxi means evening. Absolutely not! Maxi means maximum versatility:)



Jennifer Lopez. Even though J.Lo wears tulle dress, and not the skirt, we are just in love with it, and couldn't resist but include it in our post.












Alicia Keys. Another example of evening gown of maxi tulle skirt with jacket. Alicia played with textures and colors. Dark and white, tulle with atlas, she chose classics and definitely rocked that event.












Lady Gaga. Of course, Lady Gaga can’t not to be a fan of tulle. She knows that tulle is not for ballerina only. It can be as saucy as leather and yet adding special fleur to every outfit. We would wear this look as well, even not being Lady Gaga.












For now, our paparazzi observations are over, but we promise to keep you updated with new celebrities' outfits that inspire us. And hope they inspire you too:)

See you in the next post. And please, leave us your opinion on who does rock the tutu skirts the best? Apart from Carrie, we vote for Loren Conrad for its versatility!


Lisa & Yana

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