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Lisa Sydorenko

Posted on May 15 2018

Hi Gorgeous!

Welcome to Garderobe Girl's Tulle In The City blog.

This blog is about skirts: puffy tutu skirtsglamorous tulle skirts, formal neoprene skirts, casual pleated skirts, and all things matching.

Get ready to read about how you can easily wear tutu skirt in the office, choose what is better: high heels or converse (we are still not sure what do we love more), and of course, adventures of Garderobe Girl (you have no idea, how funny behind the scene stories are).

But, first, let us to introduce our Garderobe girl (our imaginary girl that will travel with you along this blog).

Our perfect girl has passion for perfect skirts (obviously!), loves coffee in the morning and hot shower in the evening, fancy shoes and sexy lingerie, fresh-cut flowers and balloons, Instagram inspiration, fresh manicure and unexpected trips, girls talks and Sex In The City series, champagne and macaroons, success stories of other people and of course, tulle skirts.

Garderobe Girl

Should  we mention, what our girl doesn’t like? Gray weather, sour cherries, rumors, frizz and second day hair (ugh, this one is the worst!) and ingrate people are her least favourite things in the world. Maybe there is something else, but we better focus on positive, okay?!

She is in love with this life and consider every chance as an opportunity to become better, stronger, happier! Well this is our philosophy too.

Hope you will become good friends and enjoy reading our blog.

Stay tuned! And leave us a quick Hi! Intro comment below, please. Tell us: Whats your name? Where are you from? Do you obsessed with skirt as much as we do?


Lisa & Yana

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