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  • How do I take care of my new skirt?

Answer: Your skirt is a piece of our love, so please be delicate with it. It has been made from luxury tulle and good quality satin lining, and the soft elastic band is especially delicate. We recommend you hand-wash your tulle skirt in cool water with mild detergent and hang it to dry. Never ever use bleach!

After wearing your skirt, you may find some wrinkles on the tulle. This is okay. To replenish its look just hang in a steamed bathroom for 10 minutes, or use a garment steamer to remove the wrinkles. However, be careful not to put the steamer too close to the tulle, a few inches away is ideal to freshen the fabric without damaging it.

Sometimes tulle can become static. To avoid this effect, gently run a fabric softener sheet between the layers.

We are confident that with proper care this garment will last a decade, and means so many happy moments to remember!


  • Can I return/exchange my skirt?

Answer: Yes you can! Please refer to our Return and Exchange policy.

But we secretly hope you’ll love your skirt enough not to need that link. Xoxo


  • Do you provide personal shopping assistance?

Answer: yes, Yes, YES! We would love to help you! Our personal stylist can assist you while shopping, because let’s be honest: sometimes you just need a second opinion for important decisions. For instance: How to wear your skirt?  Am I choosing the right size? How to style a tulle skirt with sneakers? Just give us a call 647-834-2433 or send an email garderobe.toronto@gmail.com!


  • When will I receive my new skirt?.

Answer: You can have your new skirt within just a couple days! Please refer to our shipping and delivery page  for more information.


  • Size concerns? No problem!

Answer: We think sizing concerns are our problem, not yours, but the more you know, the better! That way you can show off your beauty. For all sizing guidelines, please refer to our sizing chart.


  • I need a personal touch for my skirt. Can you help me?

Answer:  Of course! All our skirts are hand-made, so  we can tailor them to your individual needs: waist measurements, length, and redundant of the skirt (number of tulle layers).

Email us at garderobe.toronto@gmail.com , and our very experienced tailoresses will be happy to assist you! Xoxo


  • Processing time

Answer: Remember, our skirts are hand-made with love and care – that’s why sometimes we need a bit more time to sew and tailor them. We usually have most of the items In stock that are ready to be shipped within 1-2 business days. But if you see the sign Pre-order, expect your skirt to be shipped in 10-15 business days. We work as quickly as possible, but we believe quality should always win over quantity.

Oh, and by the way: on some items we can offer rush pre-order service with express shipping. For details please contact us at garderobe.toronto@gmail.com .


  • Where can I get more info on how to style my tulle skirt in my day-to-day life?

Answer: We know that styling tulle skirts can sometimes be tricky, and that you might need a little inspiration at the beginning.

Let’s start from scratch. You just bought a tulle skirt. Congrats! First tip: consider your skirt a neutral basic that you just have to appropriately mix and match with your shoes and top.

For casual looks, wear tulle with sneakers, converse, uggs, sandals, wedges….anything  you would wear regularly. Then match it with a top –  plain T-shirt, denim shirt, turtle neck or long sleave T-shirt, tank top,  leather jacket, blazer – all of these work perfectly! Be careful with sweatshirts and flip-flops, they are generally no-no’s for a tulle skirt outfit.

For more romantic looks, pair tulle with heels – pumps always look great. Tulle and knit or tulle and lace can also create a polished and gathered look.

Follow the main rule – your tulle skirt should be the only “ballerina” garment in your outfit. You want to look feminine, but not too sweet.

Don’t be afraid of tulle, it will not make you look overdressed! Just be creative and listen to your gut – if you like it, wear it! Who decides what’s right or wrong?

For more styling tips, please visit our blog.

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